Please follow the screenshots below

a) Login to Make sure you are having Metamask or Trustwallet extension installed in your browser. Please click on the connect wallet option seen on the top right corner.

b) A pop-up will show the list of extensions installed and available to be connected. Please choose any one extension (Here you can see the Metamask wallet connect as an option). Click on the "Metamask Wallet" option.

c) A pop-up can be seen with the Metamask window opening up. Please click on "Next". The wallet will be connected and your profile is hence created.

d) On right side of screen you can see a pop-up showing which network to select. Please select "Ethereum mainnet" from the dropdown. Now you are done setting up your profile.

e) Please click on the "create" option found on the right top corner. Please click on the "Single" or "Multiple" option to create your desired NFT.

f) You can upload the files, along with the categories and other details as well.

g) There are two options under collections "Create ERC-721" & "NFT". The "Create ERC-721" option allows you complete ownership of the NFT and also the gas fee is completely borne from your end. This contract address will be generated solely for you. These kind of NFTs carry high value in the marketplace. The “NFT” option allows you to create a token using admin’s contract address. This ensures your gas fee stays low.

h) You can add a description for the NFT being created for users to view. The Royalty percentage determines the reward you earn on each transaction or change of ownership.

i) Once you click on the "Create" option the pop-up can be seen like the above screen. Enter the required details and click on create contract.

j) Once you click on the "Create contract" option the Wallet which you have connected will pop-up and request for you to confirm to allow access of your Wallet to the VerseBooks NFT marketplace.

k) Once you click on "confirm" the NFT is created and deployed on the Ethereum Mainnet. The approval maybe required twice or thrice.

l) Now you have successfully created your NFT. CONGRATULATIONS.